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LWVGP Board Non Partisan Policy

LWVGP Non Partisan Policy

1. The purpose of the LWV is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government.
2. The LWV is nonpartisan: LWV does not support or oppose any political party or candidate.
3. The LWV takes positions on selected government issues after member study and agreement.
4. The LWV recognizes and believes that participation in the activities of political parties is an essential ingredient of its citizen responsibility.
5. The LWV urges its members to be politically active. However, no league member may use the League's name in support of a candidate, political party, or ballot proposal. If the LWV has an established position, no league member may identify him/herself as a LWV member when expressing opposition.
6. Campaign literature may not be distributed during LWV meetings. Literature supporting positions of the LWV is permissible.
7. The political activities of a spouse or relative are considered distinct from the activities of a board member.

LWVGP Board Non Partisan Policy

1. LWVGP board members should be allowed, and encouraged, to seek and accept elective or appointive offices.
2. At the same time, some restrictions are necessary in order to preserve the nonpartisan nature of LWV.
3. Board members who plan to engage in political activity should seek the Board's guidance as to whether the activity would affect the community's perception of the League's nonpartisanship.

Board Members

1. Board members may seek and hold nonpartisan office. The Board shall review the responsibilities of that board member and determine whether continuation on the Board would affect the LWV non-partisan position.
2. Board members may participate in political activities; they should not represent themselves as being an LWVGP board member in these activities (as that would imply endorsement of LWVGP for the candidate or ballot proposal).
3. A board member shall resign as soon as the Board has determined that the circumstances make it unsuitable for Board service to continue (see #5 in the next section).
4. The President and board members may take a visible and/or leadership role in a ballot measure campaign consistent with the League's position. If the LWV does not have a position on a ballot measure, the President and the Voter Service Director should not take a visible role in the campaign.

President, President-Elect, Voter Services Vice President, Voter Services Assistant (Director)

The Board President is the League's spokesperson. The President and the Voter Services Director have a strong League identity, and shall not be seen in the community as representing a political party or political organization. Since Voter Services also has a Director assigned to Voter Services, that person is included in the restrictions.

The President, President-Elect, Voter Services Vice President, and the Director serving as Voter Services Assistant
1. May not serve in any position in a political party or political organization, nor serve on any commission or board in conflict with League positions.
2. May not indicate political affiliation or candidate preferences when speaking to the public via social networking sites, letters to the editor, other public platforms, or when performing League business or acting on behalf of the League.
3. May not make a financial contribution to any local candidate, or candidates for state representative or state senate who represent the LWVGP's service area.
4. May not circulate candidates' nominating positions, work actively in a candidate's campaign, make or solicit contributions, endorse candidates, have their names used in any campaign literature, display signs, wear buttons, etc., or engage in any political activity that might reasonably be construed as a League endorsement.
5. May not run for or hold any political office. If any chooses to run for an office, he/she should immediately resign, and a carefully worded announcement of the resignation will be released to the membership, avoiding the appearance of endorsing the candidacy. The vacant position shall be filled promptly, and the appointment shall be in effect for remainder of the term, per the Bylaws Article 4. The resignation should receive publicity, but should be written so that it does not suggest a political endorsement.

Candidate Forums

Forum moderators shall be non partisan, and should refrain from financial contributions to local candidates. Forum moderators and question sorters may not hold any partisan or nonpartisan office. The Voter Services Vice President should carefully screen the moderator and question sorters.

Review of the LWVGP Non Partisan Policy

The LWVGP Board shall review this policy annually at the first meeting of each new board. This policy is subject to review at the request of a majority of the Board.

Revised and approved by the LWVGP Board, March 21, 2018