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Should we change our name?

LWV National Convention poses a question!

What does a name say to you?

National Convention 2006 From Christina Schlitt

The LWV National Convention provided a packed schedule of events from plenary session to workshops to caucuses. The plenary sessions are the main information, decision-making, policy setting, etc sessions that were held daily. The National convention planners also provide a number of very informative workshops with speakers to address LWV issues and such. Local and/or state Leagues that have a drive to provide a point of view and to gain support for their positions to be presented for adoption by the delegates during the plenary sessions developed caucuses that in many cases were equal to the caliber of the workshops.

One such caucus was organized by the New York League to discuss and develop a defined position on changing the name of the League. There was much discussion for and against the changing of the name of the League of Women Voters. Suggested alternatives were also presented. The main reason for even hosting the caucus is that many people feel the name is not representative of the diversity of the League as it is today or of the voters it encourages to become members. The members of the Name-change group felt strongly and presented their position to the delegates to adopt or to develop a committee to explore the viability of changing the name of the League of Women Voters. The request was not adopted. The members of the coalition, however, feel strongly enough that the need to change is there that they intended to present the issue again at the next National Convention in 2008.

Out of curiosity, do you think the name of the League should be changed? Yes or no and why or why not?

What do you think about "The League of Voters" or "the League of Men and Women Voters"? And what about the expense of changing the logo? How effective do you feel a name change would be to recruit new members in a time when LWV is experiencing a 30% reduction in membership? Would the perceived integrity of the LWV be lessened? Increased? What about the heritage of the name?

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