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LWVGP Environmental Task Force

The Clean Air Promise

LWV is calling upon our Congressional representatives, community leaders, League members and other citizens to make the Clean Air Promise.

The Clean Air Promise campaign is a national effort to protect children and families from dangerous air pollution by obtaining commitments from our leaders to safeguard the Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) enforcement authority. The League of Women Voters U.S. has initiated the campaign at the national level, along with several environmental and public health organizations. More information on the League's campaign can be found at

The League was one of the first organizations to speak out for the Clean Air Act and the EPA. Now we join others in seeking to renew America's promise to protect clean air and public health as embodied in the highly successful and popular Clean Air Act.

New Environmental Task Force

As your Natural Resource Chair, I would like to offer you an opportunity to become a part of LWVGP Environment Task Force. Members would receive pertinent communications on environmental topics, could be a part of investigative process and be provided with opportunities to participate in discussions (on line or in person). This agenda is a product of my brainstorming - members of the task force can decide on their own agenda and participate as little or as much as desired.

The Great Lakes, are perhaps the greatest resource on our "great blue marble." Scientists tell us that soon water will be more precious than gold and or oil; it will be more costly as well. Healing Our Waters (H O W) is a coalition of many organizations formed to create and expedite a national agenda to protect the waters we know and love.

One of the leaders is Chris Grubb of the National Wildlife Federation was a featured speaker at the 2004 LWVMI convention. HOW was just getting started at that time. HOW held their 1st convention in September of 2003 and have continued to the present. One very effective activity of HOW has been Lobbying Day in February; it has become a tradition.

In Michigan, the other area which merits great concern is the package of water-related bills presently in the Michigan House and Senate. "Great Lakes, Great Michigan" is an organization which has been working feverishly to encourage legislators to modify these bills to insure greater protection for Great Lakes waters. Clean Water and MUCC (Michigan United Conservation Club) have been involved. LWVMI is a member of both HOW and GLGM.