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Please note: For information on Macomb County's Voter Services election news, click here

State Reps Candidate Forum Video Link

If you missed the candidate forum for the State Reps for districts 1 and 2, you can check it out on YouTube now


Michigan Supreme Court votes 4-3 to keep redistricting proposal on ballot

LWVMI Celebrates Redistricting Reform Victory.
Initiative will Appear on the November Ballot

Lansing, MI: The Michigan Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, 7/31/18, to keep the redistricting ballot initiative on the November ballot. The League of Women Voters state president Judy Karndjeff issued the following statement:

"The League of Women Voters of Michigan is thrilled that the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will be on the November ballot. We will work for the passage of this proposal which would end partisan gerrymandering in Michigan. The League supports this independent process to allow voters to choose their politicians, instead of the other way around. This year Michigan voters will have the chance to change the way their districts are drawn following the 2020 Census. This is a victory for Michigan voters and our democracy."

Read more about it here

Sample Ballots

Some of our city halls provide a digital sample ballot on their website. We will list them here

Check out who is running this primary season

There is a complete list of all the candidates running for positions in our state and national levels at the Secretary of State website. Check it out here
Also note! Links to the candidates' websites & campaign finance reports are attached to their names on the listing.

Check out for the LWV Voter Guides!
US Senate, US Congress,
Michigan Governor, Michigan Senate, & Michigan State House of Representatives
are provided.

Michigan Senate: Candidate Forum Before the Primary

August 7th is the primary election

There will be a candidate forum with dinner and dialogue for District 2's Michigan Senator. (The district includes all of the Grosse Pointes, Harper Woods, and portions of Detroit).

Thursday, June 28
5:30 pm dinner, 6-8:30 program
Detroit Police Athletic League (PAL) Headquarters
1680 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48216

Admission is free but you must register to attend.
Find the link at, or email, or call at 313 334 3131.

The following candidates will be invited:

Abraham Aiyash (D) Brian Banks (D) Tommy Campbell (D) George Cushingberry, Jr. (D) Lawrence E. Gannan (D) John Hauler (R) Adam Hollier (D) LaMar Lemmons (D) Anam Miah (D) John Olumba (D) Lisa Papas (R) William Phillips (D) Joe Ricci (D) Regina Williams (D)

To view the flyer, click here

Michigan House: Candidate Forum Before the Primary

August 7th is the primary election

Voter Services will conduct a Candidate Forum for the Michigan House of Representatives, Districts 1 and 2, co-sponsored with the League of Women Voters Detroit.

Wednesday, July 18
7:00-9:00 p.m.
Wayne County Community College
Mary Ellen Stempfle University Center
19305 Vernier Rd
Harper Woods, MI 48225

The following candidates will be invited:
State Rep-District 1:

Gregory Creswell (Lib), Mark Corcoran (Rep), Shaun Maloy (Dem), and Tenisha Yancey (Dem)

State Rep-District 2:
Kinda Makini Anderson (Dem), Carol Banks (Dem), Willie Bell (Dem), Latisha Johnson (Dem), E. Regina Jones (Dem), John Palffy (Rep), Joe Tate (Dem), Carla Tinsley-Smith (Dem)

District 1 covers Grosse Pointe Woods, Harper Woods, and portions of Grosse Pointe Shores and Detroit.
Click here for a complete House District 1 map

District 2 covers Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Farms, and portions of Detroit.
Click here for a complete House District 2 map


Learn about the candidates who want to lead your community!

To build your personalized voter guide, go to, which provides voter guides and information on polling place, voting hours, and tips about voting in Michigan.

Check it out by going to:
1) Type in your complete address
2) Click "Get personalized information on candidates and issues" (The green box)
3) Click "Show my races"
4) Click the individual candidates to read their responses and compare their qualifications

Voters need simple, helpful tools to navigate the voting process & election day, and is the nation's premiere, on-line election resource.

Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) Election Information

SOS 'Elections in Michigan' home page

Michigan Voter Registration Application (.pdf form)

Michigan Absentee Voter Ballot Application (.pdf form)

Rules Covering Voter Identification at the Polls

Check out Michigan's redistricting maps

Voter Information Center/Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Finance Disclosures Under the Michigan Campaign Finance Act, Public Act 388 of 1976, the Michigan Department of State (MDOS) receives campaign finance disclosure statements from the committees of all individuals who are candidates for state-level offices and all judicial offices.


Are you registered to vote?
Check your registration by going to the Secretary of State's website.
Your registration can be checked with drivers license number & date of birth -OR- name, date of birth, and zip code.
You can also track your absentee ballot (when application request received/ballot sent/ballot received)

Lastly, this SOS site will also show you a sample ballot.


Click here for additional information regarding Election Day rules including info regarding photography, candidate promotional wear at the polls, Michigan's voting equipment, & poll challengers

Click here for a comprehensive Voter Q&A from the Secretary of State regarding elections


The League of Women Voters of Michigan supports the Promote the Vote constitutional amendment because of the belief that voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed. It supports provisions to increase the security, convenience, and accessibility of voting so that everyone's voice is heard.

For the PROMOTE the VOTE ballot initiative--League members and others will be collecting signatures with plans to have the proposal on the ballot in November 2018. To change the Constitution, a majority of Michigan voters have to approve the proposed amendment. The Legislature cannot change the Constitution without a vote of the people

The PROMOTE the VOTE ballot initiative would amend Michigan's Constitution to:

  • Protect the right to vote a secret ballot
  • Ensure military service members and overseas voters get their ballots in time for their votes to count
  • Provide voters with the option to vote straight party
  • Automatically register citizens to vote at the Secretary of State's office unless the citizen declines
  • Permit citizens to register to vote by mail or in person until 15 days before an election
  • Allow citizens to register to vote in person with proof of residency within two weeks of and on Election Day
  • Provide all registered voters access to an absentee ballot for any reason
  • Ensure the accuracy and integrity of elections by auditing election results

For additional information, check out this brief powerpoint

A LWVGP committee is now being organized. Contact Sue Acton at to get in on the ground floor of this exciting effort!

Status of Ballot Proposals

Are you wondering what the status of Michigan's ballot proposals are? The Secretary of State compiles a list of proposals and their status.

Check out the status of pending proposals here.

Grosse Pointes' State Senate Seat Now Vacant

Sen. Bert Johnson tendered his resignation from his 2nd District State Senate seat on March 2. As further details become available about his replacement, we'll post them.

Do you need to register to vote?

Print out The Voter Registration Application and hand deliver it to your City Clerk. (Bring your drivers license)
But please note this very important message from Michigan's Secretary of State's Office:

Michigan election law requires that you must appear in person to vote in the first election in which you wish to participate.

This requirement does not apply if you: (1) personally hand deliver this form to your county, city or township clerk's office instead of mailing the form, (2) are 60 years of age or older, (3) are disabled, or (4) are eligible to vote under the federal Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.

Not sure if you'll be able to vote in person in November and worry about qualifying for an absentee ballot? Other possible solutions:

1. Vote in the August primary and satisfy the "First Time Voter" requirement. (Besides, state and local elections are just as important!)

Per Michigan's SOS site:
"Voting in person on one governmental level clears the restriction on the other levels. For example, if a voter subject to the restriction votes in person at a school election, the voter would be free to obtain an absentee ballot for the first state election in which he or she wishes to participate"

2. Apply for your Absentee Voter Ballot in person with your City Clerk

Per Michigan's SOS FAQ page:
QUES: I must vote in person, because I registered to vote by mail and have not voted in Michigan before. Is there a way I can vote absentee?

ANS: If you are subject to the "voting in person" requirement and have a need for an absent voter ballot, you can satisfy the requirement by requesting an absent voter ballot in person from the clerk of the city or township where you are registered to vote by the day preceding the election.

The deadline to register to vote is 30 days before the election:
July 9:
Last day to register for Aug 7, 2018 primary
Oct 9: Last day to register for the Nov 6, 2018 election

For full, official, & complete details from the Secretary of State, print out the SOS pamphlet, Michigan Votes: Make Your Voice Heard: Your Guide to Registering and Voting in Michigan

Already registered but want to make sure everything's up-to-date?
Check the status of your registration here


LWVGP's comprehensive brochure for 2016 which lists the officials who represent you in the many different levels of government is now available. Look for it at local city halls, schools, libraries and other civic institutions, or print it out here:
Page 1
Page 2

Local Information

Many of our communities have their own election webpages with information about precinct locations, sample ballots, absentee voting, etc. Check out your city's information here:

City of Grosse Pointe election information

Grosse Pointe Farms elections page

Grosse Pointe Park election information

Grosse Pointe Shores election information

Grosse Pointe Woods election information:

Harper Woods election information:

Grosse Pointe Public Schools

Harper Woods Public Schools

Wayne County elections page

Redistricting Information: Know Your District

  • IMPORTANT! The Grosse Pointes & Harper Woods are now in US Congressional District 14.

  • IMPORTANT! Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Shores, and Harper Woods are now in Michigan House District 1. Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Park, and Grosse Pointe Farms are now in Michigan House District 2.