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LWVGP Local Positions

I. Wayne County Government

Support of efficient, effective, flexible charter county government.
Standards are:

A. For the Charter Commission
1. Disqualification of local and county officials for election to the commission.
2. Adequate salary for the commissioners.
3. A reasonable time limit for completion of commission work.
4. Adequate operation funds for the commission.

B. As to structure, a more responsible and more efficient form of county government. 1. There should be a single executive with power to appoint and remove heads of administrative departments, prepare and administer the budget and formulate long range plans. If an elective office, the executive should have veto power over legislation.
2. There should be no election of county clerk, register of deeds, sheriff, county treasurer, county auditor, or drain commissioner. The auditor should be appointed by the elected legislative body. The functions of the remaining listed officials should be assigned to administrative departments, the heads of which should be appointed by the county executive.
3. There should be a small elected legislative body of not more than 15 members. Districts should be of as nearly equal population as possible, and gerrymandering should be avoided.
4. Elected county officials should serve four-year terms.
5. Most county functions should be carried on by departments directly responsible to the executive rather than by semi autonomous boards and commissions.

C. As to substantive powers, we favor:
1. In areas in which it is given power, the county should be allowed to set minimum standards for services to be provided by the municipalities. It is assumed that minimum standards would be set by the county only in areas of welfare, health and safety. The county should be allowed to set up special service assessment districts in order to furnish and fund services as requested by communities or as required by county standards. Some general fund assistance should be available for areas of low property value. The charter should provide for the initiative and referendum in all areas other than appropriations where it is already prohibited by the state constitution. Wayne County should have available taxes other than the property tax.

II. Solid Waste Management

The League of Women Voters of Grosse Pointe recognizes the problems of solid waste in the Grosse Pointes.

Based on the positions established through consensus at the National and State levels of the League of Women Voters, we support the use of all resource recovery methods to reduce the quantity of waste. This includes reduction, reuse, and recycling. We support the use of recycled products by residents, communities, organizations, and the Grosse Pointe Public School System as a means of completing the recycling loop.

The five Grosse Pointes and Harper Woods should work together to maintain a cost effective and environmentally safe waste management program.

III. Human Services

Support policies and programs staffed by sufficient well trained personnel to provide preventive, protective and rehabilitative services to serve the needs of people of all ages.

IV. Library Position

The League of Women Voters Grosse Pointe believes that the Grosse Pointe Public Library is of central importance to our community. Therefore, it supports a full service library system that has the following characteristics:

A. The Library is responsive to the needs of the community, relying on significant staff and community involvement in strategic planning, capital projects, collection selection, technological resources and space requirements.

B. The Library maintains an ongoing commitment to attracting and retaining quality staff.

C. The Library Board of Trustees is selected in a manner that allows for community input and involvement, in an open and transparent process that makes Trustees accountable to their constituents. Each community served by the District Library should be represented on the Library Board of Trustees.

D. The Library Board of Trustees maintains and makes available, both online and in the libraries, any governance records that are of interest to the public. These records should include notices of Board meetings; meeting Agendas; meeting Minutes; current and past Budgets; operating policies; overviews of major project plans; and names, terms and qualifications of current Trustees.

E. The Library operates on a sound fiscal plan. Its operating budget should be fully funded by tax dollars and not rely on private donations. Capital projects and specials programs should be funded by a combination of tax dollars and private donations actively raised in the community with the assistance organizations such as the Grosse Pointe Public Library Foundation and the Friends of the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

V. Education

A. Support the concept of community education.

B. Support and encourage the public schools to
1. provide appropriate class size for effective teaching
2. provide an adequate school social worker program
3. meet the needs of children with special requirements

C. Support Wayne County Community College.

VI. Land Use and Recreation

A. The Grosse Pointe League of Women Voters supports long-term comprehensive planning for the orderly development of the Grosse Pointe communities. There should be community participation, both lay and professional, in the planning process. This participation should include fact finding, public discussion of choices and alternatives. There should be efforts to obtain total community involvement and cooperation (business, professional, educational, and civic groups).

Each of the Grosse Pointes has a master plan for its development. These plans are continually being reviewed. The master plan should be available to the citizens of each community, and citizens should have the opportunity to participate in these reviews. Opportunities for possible coordination of the plans of different communities should be utilized. Appointments to the various planning boards and commissions should reflect the values and needs of the community at large.

Zoning practices should permit a variety of choices in housing (single family, multi family dwelling, housing for the elderly and handicapped, low and moderate income families.) We support the rehabilitation of present buildings and a careful review of the use of land as it becomes available.

B. Support the establishment of a recreational planning committee for the five Grosse Pointes composed of representatives from the municipalities, community institutions, and citizens involved in recreation.

C. Support all communities, the Grosse Pointe Public School System, and local organizations that work for:
1. Equality in financing of and access to recreational facilities without regard to sex,
2. Increased enrollment in physical fitness activities to be enjoyed by all ages.

D. Support efforts of the communities and the Futuring Process group to develop a master plan for land and facility use, establish a land acquisition process, develop new facilities and upgrade existing sites. Encourage local governments to develop a unified plan to complement existing master plans.

For the state and national levels

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